Key performance indicators of the development strategy of the UCU-2025

UCU is a university oriented to the integral development and success of students and professors in partnership with graduates, employers, and benefactors

  1. Each student of each bachelor’s program throughout his or her studies will take part in at least 3-4 quality educational courses with the service learning methodology

  1. 80% of students upon completion of the bachelor’s program will acknowledge the significant impact of UCU’s program of integral human development on the transformation of their worldview

  1. 50% of students during their bachelor’s studies will have the experience of study/internship/work/volunteering/independent travel abroad, moreover, each year the number of graduates who receive scholarships for study at leading international universities will grow by 10%

  1. Each student should have work experience (paid and also pro bono) done during the time of study by 2025 (through short and long internships, in partner organizations, work on campus, etc.)

  2. Every year the number of graduates who express in practical action their loyalty to UCU will grow by 20%

UCU is a university whose Christian position is , at the same time, a proposition in action and also the ministry and witness of the whole university community

  1. More than 30% of professors will actively take part in civic and ecclesiastical life (public intellectuals), moreover, each year the number of teachers whose publications appear at least once a year in prestigious world journals or analytical centers will increase by 3 or 4 people
  2. Every year UCU will implement at least one plan of events involving research and one multi-part project with a public character on the theme of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky
  3. Each faculty will every year offer for an outside audience a new online educational program for UCU Open
  4. Each year graduates of UCU:
    • 10 unique graduates from the number of graduates from all the years will become leaders of key cultural projects, civic thought, social ministry, or successfully engage in scholarly activity
    • 10 unique graduates from the number of graduates from all the years will become founders, hold key positions, or become leaders in civic organizations for social ministry and/or be involved in social entrepreneurship
    • 10 unique graduates from the number of graduates from all the years will be active in key church projects
    • 10 unique graduates from the number of graduates from all the years will open a new business/startup
    • 10 unique graduates from the number of graduates from all the years will move to higher management positions: owners, board of directors, presidents, CEO, and vice-presidents in various fields

UCU is a university which is an example of Catholic education at the bachelor’s level in Europe

  1. Every year 100 foreign teachers will teach at UCU, of whom no less than a third will be from Catholic universities and of whom 10 are world-class stars
  2. The educational courses of 50% of teachers will be chosen at least two times by students of the Worldview Core program and from the options of other UCU elective disciplines
  3. 20% of educational courses will successfully qualify as high-level electronic courses
  4. More than 90% of graduates will continue their studies or receive employment within 1 year of completing their studies
  5. Each year UCU will receive 25 to 30% more stipends for professors

UCU is an innovative, effective and entrepreneurial higher educational institution in all aspects of university life

  1. Every year no less than 50% of the resources used for UCU’s scholarly activities will come from external grants acquired by the scholars, moreover, every second year the amount of such resources will grow at least by 10%, moreover, each professor will execute no less than one internal or external scholarly grant per year
  2. Every year the minimum salaries for professors at UCU will be no less than 20% higher than the average salary of a professor in the Lviv educational market for corresponding positions
  3. Each year UCU will invest no less than 2% of the budget in introducing a system of automatizing processes and the development of information technologies
  4. 80% effectiveness in utilizing auditoriums
  5. UCU will move to the model of full payment for education, it will stop subsidizing wealthy students and make possible the education of talented non-wealthy students through a system of financial support, thanks to which 45 to 50% of the income of UCU’s operating budget will be composed of students’ payment for education in diploma and certificate programs
  6. No less than 10% of the income of the operating budget will come from providing business services, in particular, no less than 3% from intellectual services
  7. The UCU operating reserve will hold no less than 50% of annual salaries and 25% of non-salaries (in particular, no less than 5% of annual income will be directed to the reserve)

UCU is a university that makes its contribution to the creation of a new Ukraine and Europe through a wide network of international and national partners

  1. Every year no less than 60% of professors at their main place of work with academic degrees will publish the results of their research (articles) in peer-edited scholarly journals, of which a third will be in journals at a high level (indexed in Scopus, WOS)
  2. By 2025 each educational program at UCU will develop at least one quality and deep international partnership
  3. From 2025, the university will offer for the attention of the public no less than 10 analytical reports and developed works as part of complexity framework UCU with a focus on Ukraine and in the light of the social thought of the Church
  4. Every year UCU will offer certificate programs for 100 credits

Key performance indicators of the development strategy of the UCU-2025